Florence Tide Chart

Entrance, Siuslaw River, Oregon

24 February 2018 - 26 February 2018

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Daytime Nightime Rising tide Falling tide Mean sea level Datum (usually mean lower low water)

02-24 02:33 PST Moonset
02-24 06:04 PST 7.44 feet High Tide
02-24 07:01 PST Sunrise
02-24 12:22 PST Moonrise
02-24 13:24 PST 0.58 feet Low Tide
02-24 17:58 PST Sunset
02-24 19:57 PST 5.42 feet High Tide
02-25 01:04 PST 3.34 feet Low Tide
02-25 03:38 PST Moonset
02-25 06:59 PST Sunrise
02-25 07:14 PST 7.59 feet High Tide
02-25 13:18 PST Moonrise
02-25 14:32 PST 0.08 feet Low Tide
02-25 17:59 PST Sunset
02-25 21:09 PST 5.83 feet High Tide

Times are Pacific time, corrected during Daylight Savings

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Tide chart and predictions courtesy of Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina

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