Cable and Satellite Subscribers

If you are a subscriber to cable or satellite television service, you already know that the local TV signals are available to you. What you may not know is that you are not getting the "whole picture"!

Cable and satellite services only provide you with the first, "main" channel of each of the local stations. You may be missing multiple programming choices offered on the HDTV sub-channels, channels that subscription services don't offer under any of their service plans.

Additionally, although the cable or satellite version of the local channels originates as an HDTV signal at the station, the programming is converted to analog before being delivered to your home. As a result, you are not getting the complete HDTV experience, you might just as well be watching any ordinary video feed. Only by receiving our on-air transmitted signals will you start enjoying the rich experience that all-digital HDTV can provide.

The very good news is that you can begin receiving these free, through-the-air digital channels without sacrificing any of the other programming you enjoy, and with only a minimal amount of effort required to attach an antenna to your television receiver so that you can receive our signals.

The links below will guide you to pages on this site that can inform you about how to accomplish this.

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