Community Radio for Florence

KXCR Community Radio Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Oregon corporation formed in February 2012 to provide financial, programming and volunteer support to West Lane Translator's non-commercial, educational FM radio station KXCR which is now under construction. A meeting held on the 24th of September 2012 resulted in a large turnout of enthusiastic volunteers eager to contribute their talents to the various facets of radio broadcasting.

The slogan used as the theme for the meeting was “BE RADIO” and that incentive is offered to Florence area residents who may be just discovering the station's existence through this website. The physical location of the broadcast studio is 1509 9th Street, across the street from the Siuslaw Library. Remodeling of the building is complete and the station commenced broadcasting on April 20, 2014. The guiding principle behind the formation of this station is community involvement - from students to seniors, from community service organizations to businesses, from individuals and groups. If this concept is intriguing, BE RADIO.

For additional information contact Don Landstrom at

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