Due to changes in UHF TV channel assignments WLT has changed the channels for three of our over-the-air translators.  
In order to receive all five network stations, it will be necessary for all viewers in the Florence area to program their television
receivers to"rescan" the band. This action will only be needed one time to restore full service. For details and updates click here

Community Radio for Florence

KXCR Community Radio Partners is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Oregon corporation formed in February 2012 to provide financial, programming and volunteer support to West Lane Translator's non-commercial, educational FM radio station KXCR which is now on the air.

The physical location of the broadcast studio is 1509 9th Street, across the street from the Siuslaw Library. Remodeling of the building and construction of the main studio are complete. The station commenced broadcasting on April 20, 2014. The guiding principle behind the formation of this station is community involvement ‐ from students to seniors, from community service organizations to businesses, from individuals and groups. If this concept is intriguing, BE RADIO.

For additional information visit the KXCR web site

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